ChrisTine Lü Cosmic Art 宇宙系畫作

Christine 的畫作就像遨遊在星際間一樣,色彩豐富濃烈的星雲近在眼前。每幅畫作都像是小宇宙的縮影。畫家希望用壓克力顏料加上想像力,用心地畫出地球人對宇宙和大自然的愛與敬畏。

You can find mini universe at Christine Lü Cosmic Art. The artworks are made out of love and acrylic paints. expression of her love for the universe and our deep connection with natureThe creative friends she made have greatly influenced her trying out to use colors to express her visions.The artist knows… that in colors, there’s an infinity of possibilities and creations waiting to be explored.

IG: @christinelu_art
Website: www.christinelu.art

An article about Christine’s Art Making Journey by Music Nest


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